The information on these pages reflects the ethos of the project as it has evolved during the funding period. Originally, the project was intended as an individual research project (in accord with the guideline specifying that the research team can consist of only one researcher). However, the theories developed through the research have wider applicability than originally hypothesised, and therefore the need has arisen to test them in wider contexts than originally proposed. One of the means of testing the wider applicability of the theories is the creation of a research network whose members may debate and discuss various aspects related to the project's research themes. While the network is now listed as one of the project objectives, there was no funding assigned to it as it was not listed as an objective in the original project proposal. Several funding applications are being developed to support the network. Thus, while in my view the inception of the international research network entitled Modernist Literature and Economic Theory is a positive development from the research project, the work of its members (except that of the project coordinator, Tudor Balinisteanu) cannot be seen as forming the object of evaluations.